Our Projects

Brand-New Project: Preschool Children in Panajachel, Guatamela
educateLet Children Learn  is just beginning to work with a wonderful organization called Mayan Families.  They work with a variety of projects but we are very excited to begin work with their preschool and school aged children. We will be collecting backpacks with school supplies, games/puzzles/books for all ages and hope to raise funds to build a playground at one of the schools.  Want to help?  Email us or go directly to their website.  


Giving Street Children a Chance in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Let Children Learn has begun to work with Performing Life which is a non-profit organization in Bolivia whose mission is to help children and adolescents who are working and/or living on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia to improve their daily lives and create better futures for themselves through the arts.  They empower youth by teaching them productive skills that keep them in school and away from drugs while improving their chances for economic independence. Let Children Learn will be working very specifically on their health initiative which is to provide children the essential nutrition critical to learning.   
Read about the status of this project!

Improving literacy with San Diego Children-Books for the Music and Literacy Program at Rady Children's Hospital          
So often when Let Children Learn receives donations, English Language books are included.  My mother pointed me in the direction of Rady Children's Hospital's Music and Literacy Program. When children come for speech therapy, they can take a book home with them to improve literacy.  

The Monarch School-Obtaining School Supplies for a school in our own Backyard          
Let Children Learn has worked with Monarch school in the past but we we are formally working to help obtain school supplies and books for this wonderful place.  Monarch, which as been providing servess for more than 25 years, offers a K-12 school  designed to help students impacted by homelessness. They serve nearly 450 students a year.  Currently there are more than 20,000 homeless children in San Diego County, according to the San Diego County Office of Education. These students often experience complex trauma through ongoing exposure to lack of shelter and basic necessities, violence, neglect, family mental illness, sexual assault and stress. Monarch students live in shelters, motels, in vehicles with their families, parks, or doubled-up with other families. While all of Let Children Learn's other projects impact students of Latin America, this project is designed to address educational disparity in San Diego. Look at the donation opportunities on the Monarch School website.  

Eye Glasses for Kids in Fudem, El Salvador

This project joins the Sabin Children's Foundation (SCF) as they work to provide improved vision for children in rural Fudem in El Savlador.  The SCF funded construction of a fully equipped eye clinic and optics shop which benefits thousands of children by providing basic health education, vision exams, precisely fitted eyeglasses, and glaucoma testing to the agricultural workers living within communities which the government has identified as being areas of extreme poverty. Visual deficiencies often place individuals, their families and society as a whole at an economic disadvantage due to difficulties in school. Want to help with this project?  Look at the donation opportunities at the Sabin Children's Foundation website.  

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 Shoes/Socks/donations for Hospital Infantil De Las Californias 
This project will help children with special needs in Mexico as they receive braces and walkers to become more mobile. We will be working with the Foundation for the Children of the Californias 
(www.usfcc.org) whose mission it is to improve the health and nutrition for children near Baja California.  While the hospital provides services in over 30 medical specialties, we will be working specifically with a project that provides volunteer therapy services to children with developmental disorders. The tennis shoes are needed to fit over donated braces that increase the ability of children such as those with Cerebral Palsy to stand and walk.   Do you know that a new brace would cost $700 which isn't a possibility for these kids.  In this project existing braces are modified making it possible for the children to receive them.  Have shoes to donate?  You can drop them at 10936 La Alberca Avenue, San Diego, 92127 or contact us and we will arrange to pick them up!  

Channel 10 News reports on this project!  Click here to see more.  

Internet Access for School in Honduras

This particular project is in collaboration with Partners of the America’s Vermont (www.vermonthonduras.org). The final aim of the project is to provide a school in Jardines, Comyagua, Honduras with internet access. The school has around 100 elementary aged students, and a computer lab. With 10 computers, the lab is fully functioning; however, granting them internet access opens a whole new world to these children. In Honduras, 60% of the population lives below the poverty line, and the ability to connect with others around the world would invigorate the kids to see their education all the way through.  It is projected that creation of internet access will cost roughly $300 with a $60 a month access fee. 

Children's Lending Library/Learning Center for Communities in Nicaragua
“The more you read, the more you know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

-Dr Suess from I Can Read with my Eyes Shut

This project is in collaboration Partners of the America’s Wisconsin (www.wisnic.org). The Lending Library Project’s goal is to give Nicaraguan children the experience of a library and foster their imaginations. In 2016-2017 we were able to generate enough funds that a permanent structure could be build in Cedro Galan.  Pictures can be see in the status section of this project.  
Nicaraguan schools do not have much funding, and fictional books aren’t in the budget; this project allows for schools to create their own tailored lending libraries.  This project is always in need of more Spanish books.  Don't know where you can find them?  Check with Scholastic (www.scholastic.com) for a multitude of stories for all ages.  Want another place to order books?  Look at the Amazon Wish list: Amazon Book Wish List.  Recently, this program is adding music to the curriculum and they are asking for plastic recorders and guitars in order to supplement their meager supplies.  Want to see a video of the children playing? 

YouTube Video

We are very thankful that Girl Scout Troop 8373 has joined with us to gather books as part of their Bronze award!  Thanks you so much 8373!!  Watch 8373's video advertising Stone Ranch Elementary's Book Fair which was held November 4-7th, 2013. See Video.  What to hear what the PTA President says about the status of this project?  See Video.

Read about the status of this project!

Computers and Solar Panels for Panama

In this project I am working with Give and Surf (www.giveandsurf.org), a non-profit corporation based in Panama. Give and Surf has just completed the additions of computer lab space in two schools.  The first of two computers of 15 donated by California State San Marcos are on their way to Panama with more to follow.  A generous donation by the Sabin Children's Foundation is allowing the schools to access internet and obtain power via Solar Panels. Once we have the computers and solar panels in place we will regroup on this project to see what is still needed.  Want to see an update of this project?  See Video.  

Hearing Aids for School for the Deaf in Bolivia
For this particular project we will be working with Partners of the Americas in North Carolina (www.ncboliviapartners.org) and the School for the Deaf in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The school for the deaf, which has been in existence since 1957, provides education for children ranging from primary grades through high school.  The school not only provides education in not only academic subjects but also has lessons in theater, dance, ceramics, and deaf culture. They also provide occupational courses such as dressmaking, cookery, and metal mechanics.  We will be collecting used hearing aids, then reconditioning them and sending them to the school. The school is underfunded and understaffed, so they have trouble providing the children with helpful materials and up-to-date amplification. In addition to this program, the school would like to create an outreach program that will allow them to take equipment to other parts of the country and assess children living there.  

Wheelchairs for Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua
This project will work with children of Nicaragua, Mexico and Costa Rica to provide wheelchairs to school age children in conjunction with UCP Wheels for Humanity (www.ucpwfh.org)  and Partners of the Americas Oregon-Costa Rica (www.oregonpartners.net).   In countries such as Mexico while 40% of the population lives below the poverty line, this is even more dire for people with disabilities where it is estimated that 75% are unemployed.  Only 20-30% of all children with disabilities are able to attend school and this is largely due to lack of mobility.  We will collect used wheelchairs, crutches and walkers and deliver them to UPC Wheels for Humanity for reconditioning and shipping to Mexico, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.