Let Children Learn was created as part of a Girl Scout Gold Award Leadership Project.  While the Gold Award has been completed, Let Children Learn continues.  The initial project has
 two main objectives:  To create a spirit of advocacy with local children in San Diego and to assist with the educational goals of selected educational projects of Latin School. 

     Learning to think of others instead of ourselves is a much-used concept in the philanthropic world, and Let Children Learn would like to help put a meaning behind the words for local school children at a very young age.  It is hoped that this will make a tremendous difference in their lives as well as raise awareness of how much they should value the gift of education that they have been given. Local Schools will be invited to participate in an educational event and then asked to facilitate a second even that is planned by the children themselves around something they can do to assist one of the highlighted projects.  This should allow for a positive experience with service.  

The objectives of this project include: 1.Education:  to increase awareness with local children of the educational disparity between California Schools and Latin American school via a multi-media presentation. Want to see the presentation?  Click here.  2.  Activism:  Promote a spirit of activism and a desire to collaborate with one of the targeted Latin schools by local children.  Want an update on one of the projects?  Find out about how Oak Valley Middle School helped send wheelchairs to Costa Rica. Click here.  3. Mentoring:  Become a catalyst for the creation and organization of an event designed to assist one of the Latin schools by mentoring a class representative, group of class representatives or the teacher of one of 10 classrooms. Want to see what a group of kids can do? See the letters from two teachers who joined with their classes in donating books.  Click here.  4.    Event:  Participate in an event led by the classroom designed to address one of the needs identified during the activism phase. Want to see a video about one of the events?  Click here.  5.    Exchange:  Facilitate the exchange of ideas, services and materials between north and Latin American schools. Want to see a copy of the report to be used with one of your projects?  Click here.  

  The projects of Let Children Learn all have two things in common:  They focus on educational needs of Latin American Children AND they are part of an existing project so that they are sustainable-lasting long after this Gold Award Project is completed.

     Want to help?  Have a project?  Please feel free to contact Let Children Learn.    

About Let Children Learn

Hi my name is Elena and I am the creator of Let Children Learn.  I am a Girl Scout in San Diego, California. I started Let Children Learn as part of Girl Scout’s highest award, the Gold Award. For my project, I chose to raise awareness about the status of education in Latin America and what we, in North America can do, to help Latin America achieve their goals of providing quality education to their students.  

Elena was awarded her Gold Award as one of 43 Girls for 2015 on June 13, 2015.  Her work with Let Children Learn Continues.    Learn More
Project Updates

Want to see the up-to-date status of each of our projects?  Look at how we have made the news? Take a look at the Project/Media Updates by clicking on the link below.  

Performing Life is a nonprofit group that works with street childreto give them valuable skills via music or street performing in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Want to help the Cochabamba street children project?  



               Elena in Tijuana

               Elena in Bolivia

News Flash

More books to Rady Children's Hospital's Music and Literacy program run from Developmental services were donated over the summer of 2018.   

In June 2018 several large boxes of school supplies-including 8 Spanish Leapfrog sets-were sent to the Panama Give and Surf School Project!  

I traveled to Panajachel, Bolivia to work with Mayan Families... I brought 4 suitcases of toys, art supplies and shoes donated by Girl Scout Troop 2084.