About Let Children Learn

    Hi my name is Elena and I am the creator of Let Children Learn.  I am a Girl Scout in San Diego, California, actively representing Girl Scouts as a member of Global Arms of Advocacy which focuses on issues facing girls today, as a member of the Girl Advisory Board and also as a National Delegate representing the San Diego Council at the National Level.  I have completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for Girl Scouts. As part of the requirements for my Gold Award, I was asked to complete at least an eighty hour leadership project.  For my project, I choose to raise awareness about the status of education in Latin America and what we, in North America can do, to help Latin America achieve their goals of providing quality education to their students.    

    I became interested in education and formulated my project in the summer of 2011, when I went on a Girl Scout trip to Panama and Costa Rica. We performed a service project at the local school on the Island of Solarte, in Panama. While I was there, I had the unique opportunity to speak with the principal about the school. She told me that her dream for her school was to create a computer lab to help inspire her kids and to allow them to escape the poverty of the island. She did not think that it was a possibility, but I kept her words in my mind for two years, and when it came time to begin my Gold award, that was my project of choice. 

    Let Children Learn is my way of not only fulfilling my promise to the school in Solarte but also creating a spirit of volunteerism where I live.  My Gold Award was approved in October of 2014 but I am committed to improving the lives of Latin american children via my work with Let Children Learn.